Monday, July 30, 2012

Focus on eye of the Photographer

Photo from "Harp" series,
   by Julia Anna Gospodarou, Athens, Greece

In her own words

I'm an Architect who loves to take photographs and a photographer who loves to build. Who's prevailing? Well, sometimes the first, sometimes the second, and sometimes they just make peace and live happily together :)
You can find me (both of us actually) in Athens, Greece when I'm  not somewhere else, chasing the beauty of the world.

I like beauty. All kinds of beauty ...seen, heard, written.
I like contrasts ...light and dark, silence and noise, stillness and dynamism.
I like playing and discovering.
I like languages. All of them. I like the civilizations, the places and the people behind them.
I like, scratch that! ...I adore music.
I like studying people, understanding their strengths and sensibilities.
I like => love  to travel.
I like to mold  matter into shapes, I like to turn sensations into photographs, I like to dive into the music of each moment that I happen to be a part of.
Last but not least ...I love Manual Mode.

...and I like to make fun of it all, once in a while.

Link: Profile of Julia Anna Gospodarou

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Focus on the Arts

In his own words, fine art from

Craig Royal - Fine Art Photography

I'm an award winning visually impaired fine art photographer / photo artist.

I have a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University where I concentrated in woodworking / furniture design. I received a professional fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in 1983 after graduating from VCU. Over the years I have shown work around the country in group shows. Along with furniture I have also produced award winning mixed media sculpture. Since 2007 I have turned to digital photography as a creative outlet and have exhibited work locally and nationally.

My interests in subject matter for photography are varied. From nature to architecture and objects and their potential for abstraction, to a conceptual perspective that explores the human condition.

My vision loss is due to a congenital form of optic atrophy. My peripheral vision is blurred (20/400 corrected) and the central vision is obscured by a white blind-spot. I use a 4x monocular to do photo editing. Photography is more than a form of artistic expression but also a visual aide that allows me to revel in the exquisite detail that surrounds us.

If you have vision loss don't lose sight of the beauty of life. If you have lost sight of the beauty of life you are truly blind.

"Art is the plank after the shipwreck, that saves someone..."
---Constantin Brancus

Friday, July 27, 2012

Focus on Design with Pattern

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Photography by Mykal Hall

Brilliant geometry and patterned composition -
Architecturally complex and comfortable at the same time

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Focus on Design & Manufacturing

Giles Miller Studio article

Giles Miller Studio design focus on texture and pattern for interior surfaces:

Reflective surfaces, with repetitive shapes and textures are cleverly arranged to develop appealing patterned surfaces for a variety of applications. Shadows and edges are used to exemplify 3-D surfaces, artfully and playfully balanced, creating attractive designs and graphics for Interior applications.
The Studio designs and manufactures innovative products for various surface applications and types of design projects. Customization for specific client needs drives the Studio's creative process to create exciting new and unique uses of its products.