Saturday, June 16, 2012

Focus on Design and Manufacturing

Zenza Lighting 9 Beautifully Intricate Lighting by Zenza

Zensa Accessories is a Dutch lighting and accessories company, inspired by Egyptian design & artisan techniques.  Beautiful handcrafted lighting fixtures and home accessories are featured.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Focus on Manufacturing

Greypants Ingenuity

Remarkable re-use of cardboard, modern technology, and ingenuity. Graypants, an innovative and passionate Design & Manufacturing firm, has used their creative juices to find practical uses for discarded materials and generic manufactured products.

With the accuracy of the laser and the application of clever design & and Architectural disipline, this energetic firm has de-constructed and re-constituted common materials into sound artful products for practical use.

Layering of milled layers of corrugated cardboard, assembled into globes of various spherical shapes and proportions, this remarkable team has opened up avenues of design and manufacturing. Layering of these materials reveals subtle visual textures, patterns, and surface variations.

With clever utilization of layered components, cut from plywood sheets, Greypants has designed practical furniture assemblies for everyday use.

Greypants products:

More about Greypants - See how its done Video: