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Focus on Materials - Decorative Veneers

Veneer Art  -  An age-old artform


The Art of Veneer pattern matching has been practiced by cabinet and furniture makers for centuries. The concept of slicing lumber into thin leaves and rearranging them to accentuate the grain character, and create unique patterns. has been practiced by craftsmen since the time of the great Egyptian civilizations, 3500 years ago. The traditional way of laminating lumber boards together to create the flat surfaces of casework can be embellished with the application of carefully sliced and arranged veneer leaves.  With several hundred species of decorative woods to choose from, Designers and Artisans can select for color, for pattern, and for grain texture, elements that can add value to a piece of furniture; of millwork; or upon any other wood application.

Each tree is unique, with its own special character, color, and grain pattern.  The art is in the selection of the right veneer type to fit the right application.  Furthermore, the art is in the "layup" of veneer leaves to create a visual statement of pattern; of contrasting textures; or of "movement".  Symmetry and Asymmetry play a vital role in defining the designed intent.  Careful cropping and placement of veneer leaves is an important part of the subjective design and crafting process.

From this is borne the "Art of Veneer Pattern Matching"

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Focus on the Artist - Ruth McLees

Artwork by Ruth McLees, Great Britain

"The Sea Made Flesh" 

Polyurethane Elastomer, Varnish and Pigment on Vintage Textile

Source-Book Gallery - "Craftsmen & Women of Great Britain"

Ruth McLees Website

In her own words:

I am fascinated by light, reflection, and the interplay of overlaid images, especially pattern. It is the suggestion of an alternative world existing alongside every-day reality that captivates me and remains a constant source of inspiration.

I paint shadowy figures merging into the fabric of their surroundings, making it impossible to determine where one ends and the other begins.

The images I paint are alluring and stylish. Figures, largely female, are taken from the worlds of film, fashion and glamour modelling. I paint on patterned furnishing fabrics using layers of transparent paint to explore the interplay between overlaid images and exploit my fascination with pattern.

Focus on Artisans - Heuvelmans Interiors

Exquisite Bronze Reproductions

Exquisite Bronzes from:


Heuvelmans Interiors


Heuvelmans produces fine reproduction Bronzes for discriminating Designers & Architects, for private companies & owners, and for private galleries.  Using old world techniques and a heritage of European craftsmanship, Heuvelmans produces outstanding heirlooms; quality furnishings and accessories; and highly detailed & finished works of artistic accomplishment.

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