Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Focus on Project

Designed and manufactured by Water Studio, Culver City, CA

This 22 foot tall copper water wall was built for a private residence in Corona Del Mar, CA

Measuring 22 ft. tall and 11 ft. wide, this two story water wall was designed to follow the arc of the main curved wall in the grand room of a contemporary home. Water cascades down the entire textured copper wall surface and falls into a bed of polished river rocks. A series of underwater lights illuminate the wall from below and accentuate the water patterns as they form and fall from above. The water wall is a prominent and dynamic feature of the home, serving as the backdrop for the grand stairway.

Source-Book Water Studio Gallery: 20 Years of innovation in water feature design

Friday, May 11, 2012

Focus on Detail

Images from our newest Source-Book gallery;
with plays on 
texture, color, shape & contrast

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Focus on Tecnique & Workmanship

Extraordinary creativity in workmanship and use of technology is illustrated here by these Polished Bronze feet manufactured by DEC Fabricators, Ceritos, California. 

A full sized master is artistically created, with all of the detail.  A mold is created and molten Bronze is poured.  The casting is removed, polished, and detailed.  Any machining operations are performed and the part is made ready for its final installation.

DEC Fabricators Portfolio of fine work

Focus on Technology & Manufacturing

Stretch forming & CAD technology utilized to manufacture fascia panels for a structure in the Netherlands - design by MEI Architecture.

Facade panels are mass produced with modern techniques, not unlike those used in the automotive industry. These perforated panels allow air and light to penetrate the facade, creating transparency at night and a monolithic solidity, during the day.

Intermixed with green elements, the repetitive surface panels add uniformity and humanity to the structure's form. Mixed cultural elements representing birds, windmills, and gnomes add whimsical touches to the block like structure.

Contemporist Article:

MEI Architecture Website:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Focus on Design

Japanese Design firm Kengo Kuma & Associates responded to the challenge of creating a retail space, in Fukuoka, Japan, for a Starbucks - with a very unconventional outcome.
With only the familiar logo to link to its customers, the store interior takes the concept of a coffee shop into the world of art and design. With the simple theme of woven wooden sticks, the ordinary space becomes textural and alive with movement and animation.
One wonders if this is a place of contemplation or of a nervous anxiety, much unlike the brand. (?)

Contemporist Article:

Kengo Kuma Website: